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Apple ][+        (two-plus)

The Apple ][+ was my family's first "real" (meaning not a video game console) computer. I remember being intrigued when Dad first brought it home in the early 1980s (1981, I think) when we were living in Huntsville, Alabama. He got it with an extra 16k-bytes of RAM (up to 64k from the 48k default) and a Sanyo DM 5112CX "green-screen" monochrome monitor. It also has an M&R Enterprises SUP'R'MOD II, which is a UHF TV channel 33 output adapter that I don't ever remember using, and an EnhanceWare "LCA-2" lower case enhancement which replaced the original video character ROM.

On the outside of the case are a few more options that were added very shortly after getting the machine. On the left, a Kensington Microware System Saver is mounted over the cooling slots which pulls cool air through the system while it's on. Doing double-duty, it also acts as a surge supressor and power strip for the machine and an accessory such as the monitor. On the right is a Versa Computing "EZ-Port" to place the joystick/paddle port in a convenient location. For use with this port we have two analog devices, a TG Products Joystick with trim adjustments and 2 buttons, and a pair of Apple ][ "Hand Controller" paddles (A2M0007).

Other accessories I have that are not shown here include:

The card slots in the picture above are populated as follows:
Some of the software we have for the Apple II+ include: I also have a number of books that really got me going in programming: For more information, check out the following sites:
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