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Apple //c        (two-c)

The Apple //c was the portable big brother to the Apple II+. What it lacked in expandability (no card slots), it made up for in portability and built-in features (such as audio with volume control and a headphone jack, more RAM and a serial port). I got this one from my girlfriend's mother. (Many thanks go to them for this great toy!)

I got to play a number of my old games from my II+ on this, since they're binary compatible, and I also already had a game or two which required 80 columns of text that I couldn't play on the II+, only the //c or //e. When I got this machine, it came with an Apple ColorMonitor instead of the usual tiny Apple "green screen" I had seen with it so often, a Kraft KC3 3 button with trim - analog "precision" joystick, a Laser 128 1 button mouse, and an Apple ImageWriter II color printer.

It's sad to see how much technology has driven down the price of older hardware such as this. For example, I picked up an external floppy drive (as shown in the picture) from an Austin, Texas Goodwill Computer Works for $2.95 in early 2000!

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