An Engineer's Bet

A computer programmer and an engineer get seated on a plane next to each other. The computer programmer, thinking very highly of himself, decides to make the engineer a bet.

He turns and says to the engineer and says, "I'll make you a bet. If you can ask me a question I can't figure out the answer to I'll give you $50. In return, if I ask you a question that you can't answer you have to give me $5. The engineer agrees.

The programmer proceeds to ask the engineer a question that the engineer can't answer, and the engineer pays the $5. Then the engineer asks the programmer, "What has 2 tails, 5 eyes, 4 legs, is black and white, and can eat anything?"

The programmer gets online, surfs the net for the rest of the hour long plane ride and can't find the answer for the life of him.

As they walk off the plane the programmer hands the engineer $50 and says, "So what was the answer?" In return the engineer shrugs and hands over another $5.