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Bulletin No. 91-92

   DATE: February 1, 1995
     TO: All Missouri Law Enforcement Agencies
         All Motor Vehicle Dealers
   FROM: Missouri Highway Patrol
SUBJECT: Automobile Dimmer Switches Required

  1. Pursuant to the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicle Act No. 91-92, all motor vehicles sold in the State of Missouri after February 1, 1995, will be required to have the headlight dimmer switch mounted on the floorboard. The dimmer switch must be mounted in a position accessible to operation by pressing the switch with the left foot. The switch must be far enough from the left foot pedals to avoid inadvertent operation or pedal confusion.

  2. Included in the Act, and beginning February 1, 1995, all other vehicles with steering column dimmer switches must be retrofitted with a floorboard mounted dimmer switch of the type described in section 1 above. The steering column mounted dimmer switch must be disabled or removed from the vehicle. Vehicles which have not made this change will FAIL the forthcoming Missouri Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Program which is to follow.

  3. It is recognized that this will cause some hardship for the driving public. However, this change is being made in the interest of public safety. Missouri DMV Act 298-99877 will revert all Kansas operated motor vehicles to the prevalent dimmer switch in use prior to the influx of foreign market vehicles. A recent study entitled "Initiation Sequence in Missouri Nighttime Motor Traffic Accidents" was conducted jointly by the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Missouri State University, Department of Research. It has been show that 95% of all Missouri nighttime motor vehicle accidents are the direct result of a blonde getting her foot caught in the steering wheel while attempting to activate a column mounted dimmer switch.