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These jokes/stories are collections that I have obtained from friends over the years. In many cases I don't know the author or even the source of where they came from, so don't ask! You'll find that many probably aren't humerous, but too bad... I have a sick sense of humor, so you can suffer. I at least rated these jokes by the color of the dot that they have received. Now, are you ready for:



A. = Fantastic!
B. = Humorous
C. = Good
D. = Not So Good
F. = Only If You're Bored


Tests, Studies, and Occupations

A. Three Engineers vs. Three Mathematicians
A. Math High School Proficiency Exam
A. Final Exam
C. Tough College Entrance Exam Questions
D. What the Professor Really Means
B. A Doctor, a Lawyer, and an Engineer...
A. The Bricklayer's Report
B. Engineers are Important, Too!
B. Stupid Criminals Hall of Shame
B. Foolish Acts
C. Stupid Headlines
C. More Stupid Headlines
B. You May Be an Engineer if...
B. What if Dr. Seuss Did Technical Writing?
B. Washington Post: Silly Contest
C. The Engineer in Hell
C. Cool Corporate Lingo
B. Dilbert's Laws of Work
C. 5 surgeons taking a coffee break...
B. Engineers Explained
B. Jeff Foxworthy's Quiz for Engineers


Politically Incorrect...

C. The Farmer and the Blonde
B. Man's 25 Rules for Women
B. Politically Correct Version of Little Red Riding Hood
B. Revision Of Snow White
B. If I Had Two Cows
C. Bill's Prostitute
C. Hilary's a What?
C. The Democratic Puppies
C. Bill and the Magic Genie
C. Boys Save Clinton
B. Letters to Welfare
A. Lawyers and Politicians
A. How to Tell Democrats From Republicans
B. A Politically Correct Lawyer's Christmas
B. Noah and the Ark (as it would be now)


Religious Humor

B. Golfer's Hell
B. Collection of Church Announcements
C. A Pastor Goes Visiting
B. Why God Never Received Tenure
C. 12 Reasons Why a Local Clergyman Stopped Attending Athletic Constests
C. Peanut m&m's


Sick Computer Humor

B. Evolution of the System Administrator
C. Evloution of a Programmer
C. Clinton, Yeltsin, and Gates meet God
B. Bill Gates Visits the Afterworld
D. Jokes about Intel's Pentium
C. Watch for these Viruses
C. Is Windows A Virus?
B. Crappy AOL Disks
B. Five reasons computers must be female...
A. True Computer Support Stories
C. Jokes about Windows / Win95
C. Redneck Computer Lingo
C. Instructions for Microsoft's New TV Dinner Product


Other Junk (but probably funnier)

B. Interesting Situations
C. Beer and Ice Cream Diet
A. A Really Bad Day
A. Here Kitty, Kitty
A. Cleaner Polishes Off Patients
A. The Rat in the Tailpipe
A. Accidental Accident Reports
B. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
D. The Bass Strings in Beethoven's Ninth
B. 27 Good Reasons Why A Beer is Better Than a Woman
F. Missouri Blondes
F. The Vampire's Tea
B. What Women Really Mean
A. The Rules Involved In A Good, Working Relationship
B. Women Jokes
C. More Than Fifty Ways To Get Rid Of Blind Dates
C. Common Lies You Should Avoid
C. Kids Say The Darndest Things
B. Young Turbo Man vs. Oldman Moped
B. Why Stay Single
C. The Engineer's Song
B. The Diary of a Mad Digital Homeowner
B. If Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek: the Next Generation...
A. Good Phone Lines?
A. Places not to Urinate
A. 14 Ways to Annoy Public Bathroom Stallmates
A. The Epic of the Baked Beans
C. Redneck Etiquette
B. Seinfeldisms...
B. Parrot for Dinner


Lawyer Jokes

1. Stupid Attorney
O. A Collection of Lawyer Jokes. These jokes were posted by Randy A. Scott,