Granite Benchmarks

Benchmarks are available for the following kernels...

Debian 0.93 a.out distribution and a.out kernels:
Debian 1.1 ELF distribution and ELF kernels - using a.out benchmarks (note a degradation in benchmark values):
Debian 1.1 ELF distribution and ELF kernels - as well as ELF benchmarks (note the serious degradation in benchmark values until the second 2.0.10, when I upgrade from 8 to 24MB RAM and a nearly full 1.2GB to roomy 3.3GB total disk):
Debian 2.2 distribution with a big upgrade from an AMD486-120 to a dual Pentium 200 with 88MB RAM (the old Pyrite - for a comparison against a 2.0 kernel, see benchmarks for Pyrite):

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